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Global Riot Starts The Revolution

Shaking up the electronic music industry is our specialty. As an independent company we make it our aim to impact on the same level as all the major players. Our team hold a combined knowledge that transcends over three decades and this underpins every single activity and project we support. First and foremost we live and breathe music, this not only makes us a phenomenal knowledge base but also well versed in what it takes to turn modern compositions into hit records.

We love to represent iconic names yet also pride ourselves on discovering emerging new talent at the forefront of the dance scene. Our culture is connection and guidance is our goal; constantly developing artists and labels into imprints that make a marked difference to the musical territory under the knowledge we take care of the business whilst they focus fully on the creativity. Global Riot Agency provides a full cycle solution for producers, remixers, record labels and club brands. We monitor, process and collect royalties, ignite all avenues of income streams through publishing to promotional activation.

Professional Music Promotion 

Global Riot Rewrites The Rules

We support clients with a full marketing mix to promote a sustainable growth in the global market, forging long-term relationships with a strategic evolution that enables maximum engagement, exposure and revenue. Via an exclusive Marketing and Management service we actively work with a roster of international DJs, underground Record Labels and exciting Club Brands to establish and expand their online identity.

Our primary target is to deliver unique exposure for music that we recognise as great, giving it the audience and return it deserves. From event placement, industry introductions to direct marketing, tiered promotional activity, social media strategy and complete digital campaigns we offer all of the key components required to reach the desired goals. Global Riot Agency staff work closely to create a marketing plan that reflects client objectives and achieve success. Our networks are your advantage as we carefully construct and maintain our company contacts advancing relevant industry databases to service every project needs. With a dedicated team based in the UK, aligned with worldwide agents and affiliates we are able to deliver a marketing message with a cohesive and creative approach with instant results. By building the best possible vehicle for each independent channel we always provide outstanding outcomes.

Every single campaign is significant, regardless of size or budget, we can scale specific promotions according to regional, national and international requirements. By setting clear accurate targets with our clients we create an image that echoes firmly across all media platforms that includes radio, print and web. Global Riot Agency are a handpicked collective of experts in sound recording and music publishing activities, music marketing, graphic design, digital campaigns, social media strategy, web development and PR positioning our represented performers with a growing international profile and the exact tools to get there fast.

We Can See A Riot Coming On

Changing The Machine Is Our Model


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